The future takes shape.
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JetZero is developing an ultra-efficient Blended Wing Body jet with unprecedented performance. Working with the US Air Force, NASA and the FAA for entry-into-service by 2030.
Ultra-efficient blended wing

The blended wing solution

The JetZero Blended Wing is the biggest leap in commercial aircraft design since the beginning of the jet age and the best first step toward the ultimate goal of zero-carbon emissions aviation. The aircraft will launch in 2030 with 100% SAF compatibility, and the internal volume to accommodate zero-carbon hydrogen.  

It's time to reshape aviation

Our aircraft dramatically improves aerodynamic efficiency over traditional tube-and-wing designs which are fundamentally unstable and require large tail surfaces, creating yet more weight and drag.

The Blended Wing is a naturally stable design requiring no tail surfaces, which eliminates unnecessary complexity. A shorter, wider fuselage is blended together mimicking the wing to provide lift. This reduces the surface needed, creating a lighter aircraft with less drag.

The beauty of efficiency is that it compounds. With less drag and weight, the size of the engines is reduced, which further reduces drag and weight. The result is an aircraft with the passenger capacity and range of a small wide body that uses the engines of existing narrow-body planes. This breakthrough fills the mid-market gap with an aircraft that achieves half the fuel burn and emissions of the aging fleet it will replace.


A global problem

Aviation emits increasing amounts of carbon dioxide every year. If we stay on this course with today’s aircraft, we’ll emit more CO2 than Germany, UK and South Korea combined by 2040.

Efficiency has stalled

Efficiency has stalled

The design of the jet aircraft hasn’t changed in 75 years. The traditional tube-and-wing plane has long since passed the point of diminishing returns*.


The path to zero

An ultra-efficient Blended Wing airframe is agnostic to future propulsion solutions and would lower cost of ownership. This reduces the cost barrier to entry for new propulsion technology, accelerating adoption and clears the path to zero emissions.

About us

The team

JetZero merges deep aviation expertise with an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit.

Founder and engineering luminary Mark Page pioneered our ultra-efficient airframe with team members Bob Liebeck and Blaine Rawdon at McDonnell-Douglas. He later co-founded DZYNE Technologies where he continued to advance the BWB design in collaboration with NASA.

CEO and Co-Founder Tom O’Leary played a key role with zero emissions disruptors BETA and Tesla, and he joined Mark in 2021 to spin Mark’s BWB work out of DZYNE and form JetZero with a singular mission: to bring the BWB to market. Since then, the team has grown to include an incredible group of advisors, employees, and partners with the experience, talent and drive to bring this mission to fruition.